Active Kids

Cricket Derbyshire Foundation (CDF) are launching a new Active Kids programme in Derwent to increase nutrition and physical activity for kids in the local area.

In partnership with Revive Healthy Living Centre and Tony Palladino’s Testimonial Year, the CDF are to launch fun sport programmes in October half term for local Derwent kids.

Revive Healthy Living Centre offers a range of services focused on health, well-being and to improve the quality of life for residents in Derwent and surrounding areas.

Poor diet and lack of activity are key issues for kids in disadvantaged wards within Derby. The aim of the programme is to address the issues of holiday hunger and also to encourage participation in the Derwent by allowing the kids the opportunity to participate in physical activity.

Three million children risk going hungry during the school holidays in the UK, leaving them vulnerable to malnutrition and undermining their education and life chances.

CDF Chairman Michael Futers said: “We are proud to be launching a new Active Kids programme in Derwent, in partnership with Revive Healthy Living Centre, to help local children become more active.

“As a foundation, we’re committed to running free programmes for local people, providing a safe and enjoyable opportunity to play sport and also enjoy free meals.

“We’re grateful to Revive Healthy Living and our main key sponsor for supporting us with this project.”