T20 Lancashire 2nd XI v Derbyshire CCC 2nd XI
Wednesday, July 05 2017 (10:47) at Westhoughton CC
Lancashire 2nd XI Won By 4 wickets
Lancashire 2nd XI won toss and decided to field
Derbyshire CCC 2nd XILancashire 2nd XI
141 all out (20.0 overs)142 for 6 (18.5 overs)
1 Hour, 22 Minutes.1 Hour, 17 Minutes.
Derbyshire CCC 2nd XI
Tom Wood*c A Lilleyb T Bailey231723407135.29
Harvey Hosein+c S Croftb S Parry333242309103.13
Timothy Maxfieldlbwb S Parry0120010.00
Matt Henryrun out (A Lilley)473035413156.67
Rob Hemmingsc and bS Parry0100010.00
Gregory (Greg) Corkb A Lilley0110010.00
Callum Brodrickc J Clarkb A Lilley12162400675.00
Thomas (Tom) Taylornot out141118013127.27
Charlie Macdonellb S Mahmood654102120.00
Ben Cottonc S Croftb K Jarvis34200275.00
James Sykesc T Baileyb K Jarvis0210020.00
Extras0b 1lb 2w 0nb 0pen3
Provisional Score For Innings141
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total141all out
Saqib Mahmood3.002110 (0)0 (0)718.007.0030
Kyle Jarvis3.002220 (0)0 (0)99.007.3340
Tom Bailey2.001310 (0)0 (0)312.006.5010
Stephen Parry4.003031 (1)0 (0)48.337.5011
Arron Lilley3.001821 (1)0 (0)59.506.0010
Ryan McLaren3.001700 (0)0 (0)70.005.6701
Stephen Croft2.001900 (0)0 (0)20.009.5020
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Tom Wood1-4545Tom Wood (23) Harvey Hosein (22)5.5
Timothy Maxfield2-472Timothy Maxfield (0) Harvey Hosein (2)6.2
Harvey Hosein3-7326Harvey Hosein (9) Matt Henry (16)10.4
Rob Hemmings4-741Rob Hemmings (0) Matt Henry (1)10.6
Gregory (Greg) Cork5-751Gregory (Greg) Cork (0) Matt Henry (1)11.2
Matt Henry6-11237Matt Henry (29) Callum Brodrick (7)15.2
Callum Brodrick7-12917Callum Brodrick (5) Thomas (Tom) Taylor (11)17.4
Charlie Macdonell8-1378Charlie Macdonell (6) Thomas (Tom) Taylor (2)18.5
Ben Cotton9-1403Ben Cotton (3) Thomas (Tom) Taylor (0)19.3
James Sykes10-1411James Sykes (0) Thomas (Tom) Taylor (1)19.6
Lancashire 2nd XI
Arron Lilleyst HR Hoseinb JS Sykes282231219127.27
Liam Livingstonec T Woodb BD Cotton667003100.00
Dane Vilasb RP Hemmings34700175.00
Stephen Croft*run out (T Wood)3634411111105.88
Jordan Clarkc (sub)b CM Macdonell34600175.00
Ryan McLarennot out433139125138.71
Alex Davies+run out (C Brodrick)24400250.00
Tom Baileynot out781300287.50
Stephen Parry
Kyle Jarvis
Saqib Mahmood
Extras4b 4lb 6w 0nb 0pen14
Provisional Score For Innings142
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total142for 6
James Sykes3.502210 (0)0 (0)923.005.7401
Ben Cotton3.002411 (1)0 (0)419.008.0020
Thomas (Tom) Taylor3.001800 (0)0 (0)80.006.0011
Rob Hemmings2.001610 (0)0 (0)412.008.0001
Charlie Macdonell4.003511 (5)0 (0)525.008.7501
Gregory (Greg) Cork3.001900 (0)0 (0)40.006.3310
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
Liam Livingstone1-99Liam Livingstone (6) Arron Lilley (2)1.5
Dane Vilas2-2314Dane Vilas (3) Arron Lilley (11)3.4
Arron Lilley3-5229Arron Lilley (15) Stephen Croft (10)7.2
Jordan Clark4-6614Jordan Clark (3) Stephen Croft (6)8.5
Stephen Croft5-10236Stephen Croft (20) Ryan McLaren (12)13.5
Alex Davies6-1064Alex Davies (2) Ryan McLaren (2)14.6
Match Report
Man of the Match:Arron Lilley
Weather: Cloudy Pitch: OK
Umpires: P Hartley & I Lawrence
Scorers: M Dixon & J Wallis