Ground Development Blog #3: Demolition Derby

Tuesday 4th November 2014
& News
Written by Danny Painter

Two weeks is a long time in the demolition business, as the space for the new top-floor venue in the Lund Pavilion is created.

The pavilion car park is now a contractor’s compound, complete with site office and strongly brewed tea, whilst the pavilion itself is now off limits unless you’re in possession of a hard hat and a good reason to be in there.

Just two weeks ago the first floor consisted of a Members’ lounge, an Executive Suite, two sets of toilets, a bar and a Committee room.

Fast forward to this week and every brick, breeze block, ceiling tile, carpet, light fitting, socket, radiator, in fact everything bar the external walls and roof, has been removed.

In its place is a single space measuring just shy of 42 yards, almost two cricket pitch lengths, with a total area of close on 400 square yards.

It’s not just been about sledgehammers though; behind the scenes, the structural engineers, electricians and plumbing contractors have been poring over plans and monitoring progress to ensure that the basic infrastructure of the building hasn’t been compromised.

The main structural difference will be the addition of a brand new two-storey extension featuring a reception area and a lift, whilst the interior will see a comprehensive makeover with the creation of an air-conditioned 300-seater Conference & Events space.

The first floor room will include a room divider which will be used on matchdays to allow for a Members’ room as well as a new Executive Suite. Additionally, the existing balcony will be extended to double its present size.

Whilst it’s hard to imagine what the end result will look like, we will bring you regular updates which offer an inside view as the development project takes shape.

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