ECB double funding for Chance to Shine

Thursday 3rd November 2016
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Written by Danny Painter

ECB are set to donate at least £2.5m per year to charity Chance to Shine from 2017-2021 to enhance learning through cricket.

Chance to Shine are going to be delivering cricket programmes in at least 500,000 primary schools to inspire millions of young people to play and learn through cricket.

Thanks to a major funding increase from ECB, charity Chance to Shine will be able to excel in teaching and inspiring young people from all over the country.

From October 2017, the national governing body for cricket will double its annual donation to children’s cricket charity from £1.25 million to at least £2.5 million.

This extra funding will create more opportunities and resources for Chance to Shine and young people in the country.

Matt Dwyer, ECB Director of Participation and Growth. said: “Today’s announcement means that we will develop an even stronger partnership with Chance to Shine – working together to introduce more children to cricket and encouraging closer links with local clubs.

“We believe cricket is uniquely placed to enrich the lives of young people, whether that be through the development of nine of the 10 fundamental movement’s skills, the fact that we are the only sport that incorporates our values into the official rules of the game or the fact that cricket can deliver so many in-class curriculum outcomes. Cricket has the ability to inspire kids in our communities in a way like no other and we will do that together with Chance to Shine.”

In addition to the increased funding, ECB will also provide the charity with opportunities to capitalise on international events, game day experiences, digital resources and player appearances including the ongoing partnership with the England Women’s cricket team.

Since 2005, Chance to Shine has brought cricket and its educational benefits to nearly 12,000 state schools and to more than three million young people, including approximately 1.5 million girls. Find out more about the charity and what they do at

Chance to Shine are a national charity who are spreading the power of cricket through schools and communities. With the goal to create more opportunities and resources for young people, ECB’s funding goes a long way.

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