Dal says education key to inclusivity in cricket

Wednesday 6th April 2022
Photography by: David Griffin

All-rounder, Anuj Dal, hopes the recent light shed on issues within the game by Azeem Rafiq will lead to positive changes across the sport. 

As well as being a member of Derbyshire’s first-team squad, Dal is also Vice Chair of the PCA, and it was in that role that he recently addressed MPs in the ongoing Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) enquiry into racism in cricket, opening up about his own experiences of racial stereotyping during his childhood.

In an interview with BBC Sport, which made national headlines, Dal spoke of the need for further education and on topics such as racism, inclusivity across cricket, but reiterated that he has never encountered any issues of that nature while playing for Derbyshire.

“The foundation has to be the education,” Dal said. “Knowing that we’ve all received the same thing, the same training, and we know where the line is, we know where that boundary is.

“But I think it’s an understanding, it’s a respect thing. For me, coming into a very new environment at Derbyshire when I was 21 just felt very encouraging and positive. That was such a reassuring thing, knowing that I could be myself, be who I wanted to be. That’s what counties need to do more of.”

While both Rafiq and Dal have praised inclusive nature of Derbyshire, the Club is still working hard to improve its understanding of EDI, with Club-wide training, delivered by HR & Safeguarding Director, Jo Franco-Wheeler, just one aspect of the diversity policy.

Chief Executive, Ryan Duckett, says that work will continue, as Derbyshire aim to create an inclusive environment from the Pathway right through to the very top.

“We’ve got a large representation on our pathway and hopefully that talent is going to come through over the next few years,” said Duckett.

“We’ve done a lot of work and hopefully over the next few years we’ll continue that work and more and more people will feel more welcome.

“Policies are great, I think we’re in a good place as a club with our policies, and people know where they need to go if there are some issues and speak out. But ultimately it’s about the people and the culture they create.”

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